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Weight Loss Program


We provide a holistic approach to helping you with your weight loss goals. Conducting a thorough health history, and full lab analysis, including an optional hormone testing, allows us to find a safe and effective treatment regimen to help you finally lose weight for the last time!

Whether you’re trying to lose a small or large amount of weight, we are here to help. You may qualify for weight loss medication to facilitate weight loss.
Plans include monthly, 3 month, and 6 month.
Each plan is individualized.

Organic Vegetables


Appropriate nutritional goals are fundamental to weight loss and living a healthier lifestyle.


Learn how to incorporate food as medicine.

Edens offers meal prepping assistance and accountability mentoring. 

To discuss our weight loss programs, please book a Consultation


The benefits of movement are immense. Learn how to incorporate exercise and movement into your lifestyle today. Edens has a certified personal trainer available for personalized training and/or group fitness activities.

Gym Equipments
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